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Bus in Meads Street.
A Milnes Daimler, one of four delivered in 1903. Registration for number AP 291 was received at the end of 1903.
The interiors were like funeral parlours with coffin like bodies with velvet curtains and were very unpopular.
By 1907, all had received new charabanc or 'observation' bodies intended for use on the seafront services, these being built locally by W Gibbons.
These particular buses were withdrawn from service in 1908.
The bus in the picture seems to have the original body and so the picture was probably taken between 1904 and 1907. More information on local buses can be found in the book, 'Eastbourne Bus Story' by Dave Spencer (Middleton Press), published in 1992 and
the book, 'Municipal Eastbourne 1883 - 1933' by HW Fovargue, published in 1933, states that: "The omnibuses started running in April 1903 [but presumably without numbers] and that considerable difficulty was experienced at the outset both with regard to the supply of omnibuses and the working of the same."

West Side Meads Street.
Shops on the west side of Meads Street.

East Side Meads Street.
Shops on the east side of Meads Street.

Beachy Head Farm Dairy
The Beachy Head Farm Dairy was located at 6 Compton Terrace (now 46 Meads Street). Sprays Farmhouse stood approximately where 28 - 32 Meads Street are today. The farmhouse was demolished in 1921 but nothing was built there until the present shops and maisonettes went up a few years later.

Beachy Head Farm Dairy
Beachy Head Farm Dairy yard.
The 'New Cottages' can be seen in the distance with the cusped tracery on the decorative bargeboards to the porches.
The New Cottages were for farm labourers working on the farms on the Downs.

The New Cottages
The New Cottages in the 21st Century.
Farm workers' and managers' cottages first appearing on a Frith Collection map dated 1876.
Oak decorative barge boards are the only decoration to the workers' cottages whilst the managers' cottages beyond have flint faced walls and decorative brickwork and are more generously proportioned.

The Wish Tower Meads
Postcard of the Wish Tower area of the Meads promenade.

Postcard Message from Eastbourne
'We went to hear Jan & Boris Hambourg play violin & cello on the Pier yesterday it was grand Have been on Beachy Hd to-day was so windy.
You can't miss me much because you never write to me.
Best love Edith.

Warren Hill School Beachy Head Road
This is Beachy Head Road.
On the left is Warren Hill School, c.1895, which was demolished about 1936. (A school for boys).
1, 2 and 4 Stelvio Cottages now occupy the site.

Fairfield Lodge
St Winifred's School 1891 to 1941.
It is now Fairfield Lodge in Fairfield Road.
Redeveloped as a set of high quality retirement flats from 1980 - 1987.

University of Brighton
St Christopher's School for Boys at 1 Denton Road from 1895 - 1932,
followed by Hillbrow School for Boys from 1932 - c.1939.
Now part of the University of Brighton.

Fernleigh Meads
The junction of Meads Street and Beachy Head Road.
Photo taken in 1946 by David Marshall who was born at 6 New Cottages in 1928.
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